How to Tie a Pretzel Knot for Hemp Jewelry

How to tie a Pretzel Knot to accent your hemp bracelet, anklet, choker or necklace.

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25 Responses to “How to Tie a Pretzel Knot for Hemp Jewelry”

  1. rosebush1221 says:


  2. laserwarfare says:

    does not look like a pretzel

  3. kkishtu says:

    awesome!!!! thanks!!!

  4. tinimissvn says:

    @GcMaRtinii walmart!

  5. dominiqueardent says:

    @GcMaRtinii you can get it any where walmart target michaels

  6. bettylovesjuly says:

    awesome thanx! this was very helpful for me

  7. RagingLampoon says:

    This is amazing. Thank you for posting! :)

  8. GcMaRtinii says:

    where do you get hemp? please reply!

  9. Literario26 says:

    @lelahel11 , revisa el video en la cual hace un llavero muy chévere. Saludos desde Ecuador.

  10. allisons4show says:

    Thanks :)

  11. Rukia8719 says:

    But how do you start it???? Do you tie it into a knot???
    What kind of string is that???
    Can you do that with any string???
    I’m clueless!!!!

  12. 72669carpenter says:

    @vanoona234 the left had part is exactly the same but just on the other side!!

  13. 72669carpenter says:

    @TheSpideylover100 ya that would totally work i have tried it!!

  14. lelahel11 says:

    i like so much!! is so pretty, but i dont know speak english, so, can you do the instructions in spanish?? please!!!!

  15. tttumbleweed says:

    freaking A i cant like move the pretzle knot up!

  16. deathangel555s says:

    oh mi this looks like a simple knot once it’s done but looks like a pain to make

  17. jennie1989 says:

    i mastered this knot in 10mins it looks really cool :)

  18. premakaso says:

    Thank you for teaching me this knut, you are brilliant

  19. ILuvToEatKookiez says:

    ur going to fast and i cant hear you and yea…

  20. APVT80 says:

    Dope, dude.

  21. gatorguy8793 says:

    you sound like officer dangle

  22. flowerpower705 says:

    wow… a man is doing this.

  23. TheSpideylover100 says:

    does it work with any kinda of strings like yarn or thick thread could that work making it too?

  24. ambernicole919 says:

    I did this with two colors on each side. (Green, yellow, black, and red) and it turned out awesome! Thanks for the vid=]

  25. lindageldard says:

    This is nice for a pendant as well as a bracelet. I think I would prefer something other than hemp though. Just for a change. Any suggestions? Great video, instructions and voice. Thank you.

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