How to Make Rick Simpson’s Medicinal Hemp Oil Safely

A SAFE WAY TO MAKE HEMP OIL (Owner’s note: I made this video WITH Rick Simpson, and we posted it online in a documentary called RUN FROM THE CURE: The Rick Simpson Story… so if I comment here, you can trust what I am saying. If you take the advice of just anyone, well you’re on your own. The information may save your life if following directions is something you can do. Follow them to the letter, and you will have the same oil you see here. Heat is essential to decarboxylate the cannabinoids properly so you have active medicine, cold extractions will not cure you. If you make it wrong because you think you know better than the people who are curing others… you have only yourself to blame (and we don’t want that to happen). Best of health and happiness. – Christian Laurette aka “chrychek”) Make your own hemp oil using Rick’s only OFFICIAL recipe…. free of charge, as always. Ensuring the correct dosage is used is key to overcoming cancer and not becoming overly drowsy. Please take care to follow the directions. 1975 – Medical College of Virginia, published medical journal: 2000 – Madrid, Spain study: – Study Finds No Cancer-Marijuana Connection http

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25 Responses to “How to Make Rick Simpson’s Medicinal Hemp Oil Safely”

  1. prostabakica says:

    @acidfriend47 If you know Rick he will give you for free , if not you need to plant your own crops …

  2. chrychek says:

    @MrElitemonster Yeah and when the CURE for deadly disease is illegal, fuck the law.

  3. MrElitemonster says:


  4. chrychek says:

    @chiru2die4 For cancers you ingest, for skin cancers and other skin problems you can rub it in with olive oil. Phoenixtears(.)ca for all the information you need. Look for Make the Medicine and Dosage Information!

  5. chiru2die4 says:

    So how do you use it after you made it? Smoking only? Or you can use it as a ”hand-cream” and rub it on the skin? Sorry if this is a stupid question but i’ve never used can. oil.

  6. EssiacHempLaetrile says:

    -1 lb of Cannabis = 450 grams ready to smoke
    -1 lb of Cannabis = 60 grams of Rick Simpson’s Cancer Cure ALL Hemp Oil
    -By WEIGHT Rick’s Oil is 7.5 X more powerful, 390 useless grams
    -Smoking temp. reach 1200F, DESTROYING 90% of the 65+ beneficial Cannabinoids, benefit = 45 grams of Non-Decarboxylated IMPOTENT Cannabinoids
    -Rick’s creative extraction of all 65+ Cannabinoids and Decarboxylation method (temperature kept below 290F) etc increases the POTENT healing properties of all 65+ Cannabinoids

  7. acidfriend47 says:

    where do you guys get so much weed?

  8. EssiacHempLaetrile says:

    -Rick’s extraction method contains 65+ Cannabinoids, don’t bring 1 Cannabinoid to a Cancer fight!
    -”No chemotherapy can match this NONTOXIC anti-cancer action. The compound could be a safe medicine against brain tumors without the side effects of chemotherapy. These exciting results may be just the tip of the iceberg, however, because THC is only 1 (of 65+ Cannabinoids) of many active compounds in medicinal cannabis. Other constituents Cannabis have a nontoxic anti-cancer action.”
    Dr. McAllister

  9. sabbath178 says:

    I would suggest you people email this video to yourself just in case it’s removed from Youtube.

  10. pandacrunch says:

    @chrychek Who knew. I usually don’t mix the the isopropyl alcohol with the bud/clippings as long as you do to avoid extracting chlorophyll, I find it makes the oil darker and less pure. Or is “hemp” oil supposed to be darker and more thick?

  11. chrychek says:

    @pandacrunch Then you are in fact making the cure for cancer, my friend.

  12. pandacrunch says:

    How is this considered medicinal hemp oil? This is the exact same way I make QWISO hash.

  13. gtrblu says:

    At what temperature does the rice cooker operate?

  14. alexarebeccasara says:

    @chrychek if someone boils OVER 100 degrees (lets say around 150 or so) does it still decarboxylate and make good medicine?? Im thinking of buying a water distiller, but it DOESNT say the temperature used in order to evaporate the water. Any thoughts on this?

  15. sledsnskis1303 says:

    2 ounce of hash oil in 3 months? are you fucking crazy, that is more than an 8th a week of stuff 5 times more potent than pot

  16. AngrySackBoy says:

    My mom has Rheumatoid Arthritis, and has been suffering with it for years. Thankfully, she used to be a hippie in the 70’s, so when I brought up the possibility of using hemp oil, she was all ears. Thanks to this brilliant information, she is now living with MUCH less pain and swelling than before, and it seems as though the chipping away has actually halted, from what our doctor says, although he doesn’t know why ;) , haha. Thank you so much Rick, you truly are a healer in many ways!

  17. ItsTurningGreen002 says:

    how much of the plant do you need? I wouldn’t mind not attracting unnecessary attention when making this oil.

  18. spaceleaf2 says:

    I just made some ,but only an oz or 2 of nice bud plus all the good trim,now in Australia they call Naptha Shellite.Anyway i’ve followed the rules to a “tee”,what was left over was some very nice black oil,fill about a tablespoon,…BUT it still has that solvent smell,does this go away eventually..???i boiled it all away for as long as it need no bubbles left then sat it on a coffee heaer for about an hour??Thanks in advance

  19. chrychek says:

    @dizzious While I do not usually recommend going against what Rick has recommended here, he USED to use a distiller before the RCMP stole it…. so yes this would be an excellent thing to do. The reason we chose to show it this was is that most people do not have a distiller, and do not have that kind of time when they realize that they need this medicine. The process we show is easy for anyone who has the raw buds to begin with and about 100 dollars for materials shown.

  20. dizzious says:

    One more thing. If you don’t want to keep having to buy solvents (and also if you don’t feel like polluting our atmosphere with solvent fumes), you should buy or build a solvent recovery still. Distilling the solvent instead of simply boiling it will enable you to re-use nearly 100% of your solvent dozens or even hundreds of times.
    Another advent to using a solvent recovery still is that you can apply a vacuum to it, which will lower the boiling point of the solvent used. Look it up.

  21. Veevendetta says:

    what are the right solvent to use in make this oil and how many liters should i use?
    were is these solvent used can it be bort?

  22. BFResearchSE says:

    @chrychek Where do you buy cannabis buds and how do you know if it’s the right bud that you need vs marijuana with high THC. This seems exciting but is very confusing to the newbie. Thanks in advance for your help

  23. MyScatman1 says:

    anyone know which country or person who will send me this oil my mother as about 2 week to live with cancer havent time to get 1lb of indica or would not know wher to get it and if it was indica or not . maybe anyone know rick simpson or a friend of his who makes it would be willing to risk shipping to england not bothered about the law if it can save my mother will take a chance sorry for this plea but very desperate not too loose her

  24. chrychek says:

    @sXeish Without heat there is no cure, this has been proven by scientists who have done it both ways. Not too much heat though, the oil has to be decarboxylated and that takes place at about 100 degrees celsius according to Dr. Raph Mechoulam… the discoverer of THC. Without the heat, thus the decarboxylation, the oil is useless. The person who informed you is right that heat CAN destroy the cannabinoids, but in this case without it you will not have the Rick Simpson cure.

  25. sXeish says:

    Wait is there any THC in this oil? Also I heard heating the oil tends to destroy some of the omegas o_O?

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